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The EFI Policy Portal is dedicated to collecting and displaying already existing information sources about forest and forest-related (cross-sectoral) policy processes, instruments and institutions relevant for the pan-European forest sector.

The List of forest sector economic models categorizes economic models of the forest sector.

The wiki Wicri/Wood and forests (en)

This wiki is dedicated to the wood and forests' community.

It is part of the Wicri Environmental sciences and engineering project (in French), driven in cooperation with the french Sciences et génie de l'environnement (SGE) research pole (based in the Lorraine region).


The European Forest Institute (EFI)


The European Forest Institute is a European institute dedicated to the forest sector.

Forest Europe

Forest Europe.png

FOREST EUROPE is the main policy process concerning Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) in Europe.

See also : FOREST EUROPE criteria and indicators.

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