Template:Wicri link

From Wicri Base 1.31

This template generates a link into Wicri network.

{{Wicri link
|wiki=name of target wiki - mandatory
|page=name of target page - implicit value {{FULLPAGENAME}}
List of available codes for target wikis
wiki code interwiki code link Full name
Africa wicri-africa.en Wicri/Africa
Agronomy wicri-agronomy.en Wicri/Agronomy
Alsace wicri-als.en Wicri/Alsace
Americas wicri-americas.en Wicri/Americas
Asia wicri-asia.en Wicri/Asia
Base wicri-base.en Wicri/Base
Computer science wicri-computer-science.en Wicri/Computer science
Earth wicri-earth.en Wicri/Earth
Europe wicri-europe.en Wicri/Europe
Forest wicri-forest.en Wicri/Forest
France wicri-france.en Wicri/France
Germany wicri-germany.en Wicri/Germany
GR wicri-gr.en Wicri/Greater Region
Health wicri-health.en Wicri/Health
Lorraine wicri-lor.en Wicri/Lorraine
Luxembourg wicri-lux.en Wicri/Luxembourg
Man wicri-man.en Wicri/Man
Metadata wicri-meta.en Wicri/Metadata
Music wicri-music.en Wicri/Music
Outils wicri-outils.fr Wicri/Outils (fr)
Psychology wicri-psycho.en Wicri/Psychology
Ticri ticri.en Wicri/Ticri
Tools wicri-tools.en Wicri/Tools
Water wicri-water.en Wicri/Water
Wicri wicri.en Wicri/Wicri

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